Lana Del Rey Went Full ‘Norman Vaping Rockwell’ When She Lost Her Vape At Her First Concert In Three Years

Lana Del Rey took the stage at Brazil’s MITA Festival over the weekend, which culminated in a truly hilarious moment after the pop star lost one of her prized possessions. It marked the singer’s first live show in about three years — so viral moments were bound to happen.

During Del Rey’s performance of “Norman F*cking Rockwell,” she started telling the crew that her vape was missing and attempted to look for it on the stage.

“And also if you see my vape on stage, can you find my vape on stage?” she said.

In the video, Del Rey then hears from someone at the front of the crowd who might have found it.

“You did? Where, though? Oh, all the way in the pit?” she asked, walking closer to the start of the stage. Eventually, she gives up, chalking it up to a simple “f*ck it” and walks back to her mark to continue the set.

According to Page Six, a similar loss for Del Rey had happened during a 2019 show, where she lost it in Portland and uttered a similar “I give up” phrase. Except, she then performed “Video Games.”

Check out the video of Lana Del Rey looking for her vape again above.