Lana Del Rey Wore A Mesh Mask At A Book Signing And Fans Are Outraged

Lana Del Rey celebrated the physical release of her Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass poetry book earlier this week. She previously released its audiobook version through Simon & Schuster at the end of July. Giving fans an opportunity to meet her and get the poetry book autographed, she held a book signing event in Los Angeles on Friday night. But while the event may have been a big moment for Del Rey, it was not the poetry book itself that brought her the most attention. Instead, it was the very questionable mask she wore as she greeted fans and took pictures with them.

Rather than wearing a N95 or surgical mask, which have been the two recommended masks to wear in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Lana Del Rey opted to wear a mesh mask at her book signing event. Her mask was filled with holes and provided no protection from potentially spreading COVID-19, leaving fans to hop on social media to respond and question her decision to wear the mask.

One fan posted a picture of Lana with her mesh mask and said, “lana del rey has reached her full karen form HELP.” In other posts, a pair of fans used her mesh mask to make a reference to her 2012 album Born To Die with one saying, “Lana Del Rey wearing a net mask during the Covid-19 pandemic because according to her: We were born to die.”

You can find more reactions to Lana’s mesh mask below.