Lauv And Conan Gray Refuse To Put Up With Two-Faced People In Their Vibrant ‘Fake’ Video

Lauv and Conan Gray are undoubtedly two break-out artists taking over Gen Z-centric pop music. This year, Lauv debuted his shimmering debut album How I’m Feeling and just a few weeks later, Gray did the same with his record Kid Krow. Now teaming up for the first time, the singers dispel two-faced people in their buoyant collaboration “Fake,” which arrives alongside a vibrant video.

Directed by Jason Lester, the visual follows Lauv and Gray as they move through a busy day of staged photo shoots. The duo don neon polyester clothing and dance around various sets while coordinating pillow fights and dodging confetti bombs.

Speaking about the track, both Lauv and Gray described how the song came about, saying it was born out of a conversation about two-faced people. ‘We wrote ‘Fake’ the first time I met Conan and it’s one of my fav songs ever,” Lauv said. Gray added: “Lauv and I wrote ‘Fake’ while we were just hanging and ranting about those two faced people everybody knows. Those people who say one thing and do the other, people who constantly talk trash about their own friends. We wanted to make something fun you can scream in the car to, a song to flip a bird at those types of people.”

Watch Lauv and Gray’s “Fake” video above.