Liam Payne Performs ‘Live Forever’ And Chats With Jimmy Fallon On ‘The Tonight Show’

It’s been a big year for solo projects from the members of One Direction, and the latest of them is Liam Payne’s debut album, LP. The record came out earlier this month, and last night, Payne celebrated with an appearance on The Tonight Show, where he performed his most recent single, “Live Forever.” He gave an energetic performance of the pop tune, and the song’s rock elements came to life on stage.

Jimmy Fallon has played a game or two with guests in his day, so Payne also enjoyed a round of Name That Song, where The Roots play components of a song and see who can guess what the track is first. Fallon dominated early, but Payne made a comeback before the final round and handed Fallon his first-ever loss in the game.

Payne also sat down for an interview with Fallon, during which the two related over their mutual admiration of Post Malone. Payne said if he could pick anybody to collaborate with, it would be Malone. He then told a story about how Malone slid into his DMs to give him some praise for a cover Payne performed of one of his songs. Fallon also talked about the Olive Garden trip he and Malone took together.

Watch clips from Payne’s appearance on The Tonight Show above.