Lizzo Showed Love For BTS With A Short But Sweet Freestyle About V And Jimin’s Friendship

With the release of her brand new “Rumors” single featuring none other than Cardi B, Lizzo is back in a big way. Which means the always-vocal artist is back to advocating for herself even when bullies try to fat-shame her, and making silly internet videos and freestyles for fans and other artists to enjoy. Luckily, today she’s focusing on the latter, taking a carefree approach to her still overlooked rap skills by employing them to praise BTS.

First, the pop star let fans know she’s in the studio and working, and asked what they’d like to hear her write about:

Then a fan suggested something about a true friendship, like the one between V and Jimin from BTS:

And that was all it took to get Lizzo cooking. Flipping an old snippet from Barney’s classic “I Love You” song, in under twenty seconds she had an homage to the relationship between V and Jimin, which has long been a beloved focus of their fans.

Hey, this might not quite be good enough to make the new album, but it’s still impressive that she can turn a freestyle around so quickly. Now let’s hope she keeps doing what Remy Ma suggested and ignoring the trolls with all her might.

Lizzo is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.