Lorde’s Revealing Supposed Album Cover Is Inspiring All Sorts Of Hilarious Memes

It appears that finally, Lorde season is approaching. A couple weeks ago, she was announced as part of the massive Primavera Sound lineup for 2022. A few days ago, she starting trending, seemingly for no reason beyond fans just wanting new music from her. Then, yesterday happened: Lorde shared what seems to be album art for a project called Solar Power. The image in question quickly went viral, as the cheeky photo used was shot from a super-low perspective and shows off a lot of skin from the waist down.

It’s certainly an atypical sort of image, at least as it relates to Lorde and album covers. Naturally, the photo quickly caught fire online and spawned a bunch of hilarious memes. For example, some folks hilariously compared it to the one-off Family Guy cutaway gag character Legs Go All The Way Up Griffin:

Elsewhere, Lorde was edited into a scene from Attack On Titan, a popular mange and anime that features gigantic human-like creatures that eat normal-sized humans:

Then there’s somebody who reckons they’ve spotted Solar Power Lorde in the real world, comparing her to a leggy and artistic clock statue:

Check out some more reactions to Lorde’s apparent album cover below.