Lorde Didn’t Let Herself Read Any ‘Solar Power’ Reviews At First

Fans had been not-so-patiently awaiting Lorde’s return as she readied her fourth studio album Solar Power. But even with all the anticipation, the album received some pretty mixed reviews from critics across the board. The notoriously offline singer isn’t fazed by the less than stellar reviews, mostly because she hasn’t read them.

The singer recently sat down for a cover interview with NME following her album’s release. The singer revealed that she didn’t let herself read what the critics had to say about her album at first. “I can only look at food websites because I don’t want to see myself anywhere,” she explained. The singer compared seeing herself online to eating too much sugar. “Baby me would have just eaten the sugar and gotten the headache, whereas now I’m gonna take care of myself. I feel like I can see my world and myself a lot clearer now. Everyone has that experience in their early to mid-20s – you can’t see yourself that well for a while and then it starts to sharpen.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Lorde reflected on how much Robyn’s music influenced her songwriting. Lorde has always been drawn to how the singer is able to bring empathy into her lyrics. “I think there’s just so much room in Robyn’s world for being a hot mess or being this sort of ball of emotions shooting out in every direction,” she said.

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