Lorde Fans Are So Desperate For Her Return They’re Making Her Trend — Even Without Any New Music

Though rumors have been swirling for months that the world’s most beloved New Zealand pop star would be returning with new music this year, so far a new Lorde record has been a moot point. Her fans can’t quite take no for an answer, though, and after all those signs at the top of the year — like that book she’s releasing about her trip to Antarctica, which apparently had an influence on her new album’s title, that time when she updated her Facebook profile pic, oh and then her inclusion on the Primavera 2022 lineup — we’re talking serious signs, people!

An unconfirmed tweet from a small music blog claiming the singer was going to be releasing two new songs set off a new flurry of chatter, even though it doesn’t seem to be based in reality.

Truthfully, the last real update was summer 2019’s “in the oven” reassurance, but with Olivia Rodrigo’s new album Sour reminding everyone how great pissed-off-girl-pop can be, the mood is high for Melodrama stans. Oh and speaking of Olivia? As you could probably already tell if you heard the bridge of “Drivers License” even once, she’s a Lorde stan, too.


Check out more Lorde fans hopefully plotting her comeback below, and seriously, if anyone has any real information on when we’re getting LP3, can you please post that along with all the memes and jokes? We’re dying for an update out here.