Lorde Praises Rosalía’s New Album ‘Motomami’: ‘F*ck, It’s So Good’

Since going off the grid following the success of Melodrama, Lorde has preferred to use email newsletters to communicate with fans. Technically, it’s how she announced her latest album, last year’s Solar Power, and she often sends out missives on days when she has news or updates on her music and tour. Today, she launched the video for “Secrets From A Girl (Who’s Seen It All),” and sent out a newsletter to promote that, as well as share what she’s been up to so far this year.

One thing she’s been up to? Fan girl-ing over Rosalía, as so many of us have been. Motomami is, no question, one of the most inventive and exciting albums of the year, and as Cardi B herself said, you don’t really even have to know Spanish to understand the intention behind this music.

For Lorde’s part, she thinks the project is a good reminder of why pop music itself exists. “I’ve listened to the Rosalía album every day since it came out,” she wrote in the newsletter. “F*ck, it’s so good, I gagged when I heard that interpolation of “Archangel,” “Hentai” is genius, “Sakura”… projects like this remind me why I live for pop music — at its best, there’s nothing better.”

Couldn’t agree more! If you haven’t done so, feel free to sign up for Lorde’s newsletter right here.