Louis Tomlinson Confronts Some Emotional Barriers In His ‘Walls’ Video

Louis Tomlinson will be the last of the former One Direction members to release a solo record. Arriving at the end of January, Walls will showcase Tomlinson’s musical evolution since his world-famous boy band days. But just ahead of the record’s release, Tomlinson is giving fans one last taste of the record. The singer has released a music video to accompany his debut record’s title track, “Walls.”

Tomlinson shared his excitement with fans on social media. “The video for #Walls is here ! I’m so proud of this one. Being able to go to the Moroccan desert to film this was such an experience. Hope you enjoy it,” he wrote on Twitter.

Directed by Charlie Lightening, the video itself boasts a scenic landscape as a backdrop for the immersive track’s instrumentals. On “Walls,” Tomlinson pens his journey with experiencing vulnerability in a relationship. “But these high walls, they came up short / Now I stand taller than them all / These high walls never broke my soul / And I, I watched them all come fallin’ down,” he sings.

The visual stands as a metaphor for the song’s personal lyrics, with physical walls representing emotional barriers Tomlinson must climb to grow in a relationship. At one point in the video, Tomlinson comes across a door that he opens to reveal a room with couples dancing happily — a future look at what he could have if he remains emotionally available.

Watch Tomlinson’s “Walls” video above.

Walls is out 01/31 via Sony. Pre-order it here.