Maren Morris Guest-Hosted A 420-Friendly ‘Kimmel’ Episode Featuring Willie Nelson And A Song About Weed

Country star Maren Morris is expanding her talents by trying her hand as a guest-host of Jimmy Kimmel Live!. The singer filled in for Kimmel Monday night where she took on a hilarious opening monologue, interviewed the iconic musician Willie Nelson, and even sang an educational song about weed laws.

Morris opened the night by detailing what the past years has been like for her. The singer gave birth to her first child in March of 2020, which means she spent the entire quarantine with an infant. “So, basically this next hour is a vacation for me,” she told the crowd. “I don’t care much you cry, I will not be breastfeeding any of you.”

After her opening monologue, the singer launched into a song she wrote about the various weed laws in the US. After joking that Nelson sent her some pot brownies, Morris said her song details which states people can legally toke in, and which ones they can’t:

“Even though Willie couldn’t be here in person, he did send me some brownies. So if you can’t find me later, I’ll probably be freaking out on the roof. Speaking of pot, it’s legal here in LA. But that’s not the case everywhere in America, and it’s hard to keep track of where you can and can’t smoke. So, I spent the weekend doing some research, and I turned that research into a song.”

After singing her cannabis tune, Morris chatted with Nelson about his book, Willie Nelson’s Letters To America. During their talk, the singer reminisced on the time she opened for him in concert. Morris said she was surprised to learn that Nelson never had set lists. Instead, he performed all his songs on the fly. “Well, it’s easy to do because I know all the songs, the band knows them forwards and backwards,” Nelson said. “It would be almost impossible to throw them a curve because we’ve played together so much, they know what I’m going to do. It’s pretty easy to do it without a real set list.”

Watch Morris’ cannabis song above, around the 8:40-minute mark and see her conversation with Nelson on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.