Mariah Carey Is Already Planning For Next Christmas As She Announces A Holiday-Themed Children’s Book

Mariah Carey just capped off another prosperous holiday season that saw “All I Want For Christmas Is You” return to No. 1 on the charts yet again. While some glass-half-empty-ers may see Christmas as having just passed, Carey doesn’t seem to think it’s too early to start planning for this next December. Today, she announced that she wrote a new children’s book, The Christmas Princess, with Michaela Angela Davis, with whom she co-wrote The Meaning Of Mariah Carey. It also features illustrations by Fuuji Takashi.

Carey shared the cover on Instagram today and explained, “The Christmas Princess is a fairytale for holiday lovers of all ages! Little Mariah represents my inner child believing in her own vision, she represents all children, especially those who feel like outsiders or ‘others,’ striving to believe in themselves. It was empowering to transform my childhood turmoil into a modern classic fairytale full of wonder and boundless hope.”

She also told People, “So many of us have been drowning in ‘bleakocity’ for the last year and half, why not create an enchanted land to escape to? The Christmas Princess springs from the same need as my memoir The Meaning Of Mariah Carey — to emancipate the little girl in me.”

The publication also reports that the book will published by Henry Holt Books For Young Readers this upcoming fall (aka just in time for Christmas).