Mariah Carey Will Only Endure Bad Lighting For Her COVID Vaccine Shot

In recent months, celebrities have been urging fans to join them in getting vaccinated against COVID-19 by sharing videos of them receiving their shots. Dolly Parton, who helped fund the Moderna vaccine, shared a cheeky PSA that transformed her hit “Jolene” into a ballad about vaccines. Mariah Carey is also encouraging fans to get vaccinated, and she found a clever way to prove vaccine conspiracy theorists wrong.

Carey shared a one-minute video of her getting the shot on social media. The clip shows the entire process, from Carey picking out a hot pink bandage to singing one of her signature high notes. She admits that she was a little nervous at first, but everything went smoothly.

During the video, the singer also dispelled rumors that circulated after she posted a video of her first shot. Apparently, people had been saying that the needle used was retractable. Proving the shot was in fact real, she joked that getting her vaccine is the only way she’d agree to endure the unflattering florescent lights in her doctor’s office. “But we don’t care what they think. By the way, people were like, ‘Oh it’s a fake needle.’ You know,” she joked, “would I ever go into this lighting for no reason? No.”