Mariah Carey Gave Shawn Mendes A Huge Shoutout — But The Reason Is So Very Mariah

Mariah Carey paid Shawn Mendes quite the favor today — but Mendes fans with memories will realize she’s simply returning it. Today on Twitter Mariah offered a note of thankfulness for a laundry list of seemingly unrelated things.

“Grateful,” she wrote. “The sun, tea, my health, my family, old Shawn Mendes songs, music, humans!!!” Although the other elements on her gratitude list were pretty predictable, the Shawn shout-out stuck out, until eagle-eyed fans took a look at her pose in the photo with outstretched arms outdoors and began to remember a similar post that he’d made just a day ago:

His caption? “Grateful. The sun, coffee, my health, my family, old Mariah Carey songs, music, humans!!!”

Mystery solved! Though Mariah probably has had a listen through of Wonder, and she’s certainly heard Shawn’s inescapable earlier radio hits like “Stitches,” it isn’t that she’s begun stanning the next generation of singer-songwriters, but that she’s simply stanning them stanning her. Based on everything we know about Mariah — a recent recommendation of her own memoir certainly included — this all checks out. Presumably Shawn’s girlfriend and fellow pop star Camila Cabello will get in on the photo meme very soon, surely no one is a bigger fan of both Mariah and Shawn?