Matty Healy Has Reportedly Been Spotted At Taylor Swift’s Nashville Show, Days After Dating Rumors

Well. Fans at Taylor Swift‘s first of her Nashville shows tonight have reportedly spotted The 1975’s Matty Healy in the VIP tent, just days after the two were reportedly dating, according to The Sun. He’s also next to what appears to be Gracie Abrams and Julien Baker, who were also at Swift’s show this evening.

Healy had wrapped up a tour with The 1975 this week, leading many Swifties to suspect a confirmation if he actually showed up at her shows after it ended.

Then, earlier Friday night, The 1975’s manager Jamie Oborne posted a Swift-related mural to his Instagram story, adding fuel to the theories — even before Healy was spotted.

During Swift’s set at the very start, she had mentioned, “I’m not wearing sleeves but I have some tricks up them.”

Swifties on social media are now wildly reacting to the Healy spotting. “delete, a lot of people asking you to delete, its triggering for so many people, there are people that faint and feel sick, please im begging you to delete it, delete post right now, its forbidden and iIIegal in many countries to post something like that, people are crying,” one fan wrote, prompting the regular meme joke when seeing something chaotic.


Check out the photo of Matty Healy at Taylor Swift’s concert above. Continue scrolling for some more fan reactions.