Even Michael Bublé Gets Sick Of Christmas Music

Michael Bublé had some major success in the late 2000s with popular singles like “Everything” and “Haven’t Met You Yet,” but it’s his Christmas music that has come to define his career. Billboard noted earlier this month that his iconic 2011 album Christmas has sold over 16 million copies worldwide. So, it’s probably pretty easy for Bublé to get into the holiday spirit when November and December roll around, but even he gets tired of Christmas music.

He recently told the Irish Daily Star, “Christmas music reminds me of rich food: When you haven’t had it in a while, you are so excited for it and you eat as much as you can. By the 26th of December, you don’t ever want to hear it again. But there are worse things than a season where people are kind.”

The Canadian singer also noted that even at 46 years old, he still has a childlike love of the holiday, saying, “I love Christmas so much and my parents made it so great for us that I still have that sense of wonderment. It’s not that I see it through the eyes of kids, I genuinely have that wonderment. Like, my tree was up November 1st.”

Meanwhile, other sources have indicated that too much of a good thing is indeed possible when it comes to Christmas music. A 2011 survey from Consumer Reports showed that 23 percent of respondents dreaded hearing holiday music. A 2019 study also found that when it comes to “incessant repetition” of seasonal tunes, “the brain can become oversaturated and end up triggering a negative response, leading you to feel the opposite of the Christmas cheer and even worsening some stress you may be feeling related to the season, such as worries over spending money on gifts.”

As for Bublé, he celebrated the tenth anniversary of Christmas earlier this month with a Lorne Michaels-produced holiday special, Christmas In The City. He also dropped a deluxe edition of Christmas last month.

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