Miley Cyrus ‘Would Love To’ Bring Back Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana was hugely popular in its time, and like most things that were culturally iconic, nostalgia-driven fans want more years later. Some of these intellectual properties do get rebooted, and it turns out Miley Cyrus isn’t opposed to reviving her famous character.

During a recent radio interview, Cyrus was asked if she would like to bring back Hannah Montana, and she responded, “I would love to. Timing is everything. It’s like wine: After a certain amount of time, you pass a line where… or a good vintage T-shirt. You know how a T-shirt gets kinda old and crappy, but then the longer you have it, the more vintage and more value it has? It’s just gonna keep adding and gaining value.”

Cyrus also discussed the type of relationship being a public figure at a young age has given her and her fans, saying, “I have a really unique relationship with my fans. I think not many artists get to kinda say that they grew up, you know… my fans came to my sweet 16. I had a birthday party at Disneyland and invited all my fans, ’cause that was kinda like my friends and family growing up.”

It’s not clear if Cyrus meant she wants to bring back the Hannah Montana show or just the Hannah Montana character. It might be a challenge to bring the show back plot-wise. In its final season, Cyrus’ character, Miley Stewart, guests on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (as Hannah Montana) and reveals that she is actually Miley Stewart and that Hannah is a made-up persona. So, a Hannah Montana revival would have to address that somehow or break continuity.