Miley Cyrus Won’t Release Her New Album Until She Can Tour Again

Miley Cyrus is fresh off the release of a new single, “Midnight Sky.” It’s been a few years since Cyrus’ last full-length album, 2017’s Younger Now, so naturally, amid this flurry of activity, fans are wondering when her next album will come. Well, it looks like it could be a while, as she doesn’t want to put out her new album until she can perform live shows and properly tour behind it.

Cyrus said in a recent interview, “I feel like in this time, this record that I’ve made so far — [for] which I’ve written probably like 20 songs already — […] I really think that the record I made is meant for festivals, for shows, for touring. So for me, I really want to wait until I can perform… my live performances really drive my music. That’s where I thrive: Me and the band. That’s what I would love to see happen in the near future, and I’m a patient person; Even though it may not seem that way, I am pretty patient, so I think I would like to wait until we can get connected to release a whole body of work.”

That doesn’t necessarily mean the well of new music from Cyrus will run dry, though. In a recent interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, she said she likes dropping singles: “I really have always enjoyed dropping singles, rather than the full body of work, because it allows you to talk to your fans in real time. It’s like I feel something. I experience it. I write it. I release it. When you write a record, a lot of the time, you’re writing your experiences, and then by the time the record comes out, you’ve evolved past that experience.”