Mxmtoon Goes Through The ‘Quiet Motions’ Of Her Morning Routine In A Solitary Video

Mxmtoon continues her prolific streak with a lilting new single. She shared a video for “Quiet Motions” today, and it showcases the blissful beauty of making a space for yourself amidst a busy world.

Directed by Mxmtoon herself, the video details the singer’s morning routine. She wakes up, puts on a pair of slippers, and glides to her kitchen to make a cup of tea before diving into a book.

In a statement, Mxmtoon described how being an introvert has allowed her to appreciate the beauty in solitude:

“One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in my short time so far on this earth is that finding comfort in your own company is a wonderful thing. As an introvert, it’s always been a practice of mine to recluse and hang out by myself as a way to recharge my energy, and I think finding those quiet moments throughout my weeks has kept me sane throughout life. The ‘quiet motions’ of pouring yourself a cup of tea, turning on the TV, or lighting a candle can all be pieces of a puzzle that help you to maintain calmness throughout the chaos of the world. Quiet motions is about just that, the comfort in the alone moments. It’s not a bad thing to recluse, and being content solo can be extremely fulfilling and healthy in the long run.”

“Quiet Motions” follows Mxmtoon’s recent single “Fever Dream” and 2019’s “Prom Dress.” The singer first gained recognition when her EP The Masquerade arrived alongside a sold-out tour, garnering a large fan base.

Listen to “Quiet Motions” above.