Noa Kirel Is A Swaggering Pop Diva In The ‘Bad Little Thing’ Video

Noa Kirel has been a star since the age of 14, and it shows. In her first English-language single, the Israeli-born diva kindly asked that we “Please Don’t Suck,” and even if it was a kiss off, listeners still fell in love. A beautiful woman going on a string of dates with increasingly annoying men… sound familiar?? Highly relatable. Anyway, the video, which was choreographed by the legendary Sean Bankhead (“Wild Side,” anyone??) is sitting pretty at just under 25 millions views as of today, which means the world is officially ready for more new music from Noa.

So today she’s sharing “Bad Little Thing,” another swaggering pop anthem that ushers back ye cinematic days of old when music videos had 20+ outfit changes and actually created an entire universe over the course of the song. Backed by an all-female dance crew, Noa struts and stomps in and out of situations with men who want her to be something small and easy for them, but all she’s interested in being is everything for herself. It’s an excellent follow-up to her debut single and more proof that this girl is destined for a stadium tour. Check out the new video above and keep an eye out for more from Noa.