Olivia Rodrigo Actually Revealed Her New Album Title ‘Sour’ In The ‘Drivers License’ Video

Today, Olivia Rodrigo officially revealed that her new album is called Sour and that it’s coming out on May 21. The release date is new information and so is the title… sort of. Some fans have pointed out (at least one fan on Reddit, anyway) that Rodrigo actually low-key revealed the album title all the way back in January.

The revelation came via an Easter egg in the “Drivers License” video. More specifically, it arrived via an earring that Rodrigo wears in the video. The earring is visible in some shots, like when Rodrigo lays on the floor as she sings. Here’s a screenshot of one such moment:


In frames like these, it’s not clear what the earring says (or that it says anything at all). However, a few weeks after the “Drivers License” video was released, Rodrigo shared a behind-the-scenes video from the making of the visual. In that video, she can be seen wearing what appears to be the same earring and it is much more clearly visible, so much so that “SOUR” can be easily read on the lettered beads that are strung on a safety pin. Here’s a screenshot from that video that shows the earring, brightened and edited for clarity:


Rodrigo certainly isn’t afraid to hide things for her fans to find, as she recently revealed there’s a hidden lyric in “Deja Vu.”

Watch both the “Drivers License” video and the behind-the-scenes video below.

Sour is out 5/21 via Geffen Records. Pre-order it here.