Olivia Rodrigo Knew She Made It When A Fan Said They Had Sex To ‘Sour’

When Olivia Rodrigo became a global music superstar with Sour, her success wasn’t enjoyed in the traditional pop star way. Thanks to the pandemic, there were no tours, no meet-and-greets, and no other public goings-on of the sort. She has had some fan interactions, though, including one that caught her off guard.

In a new GQ interview, when asked about her first brush with celebrity once the world started to open back up, Rodrigo responded,

“Someone came up to me the other day and was like, ‘Sorry if this is weird, but I had sex to the entirety of your album.’ And I was like, ‘What the f*ck? That’s crazy.’ That was the weirdest experience I’ve ever had. I was flattered, of course. […] I appreciate that she was bold enough to come up to me and tell me that, too. I was like, ‘You want to have sex to the breakup songs?’ It’s just really cool to go out and have people be like, ‘I really like your music — that got me through a hard time in my life.’ People would come up to me and be like, ‘Oh, I love the character they put on the show,’ and that’s so awesome. But it’s a totally different experience when someone’s like, ‘Oh, it’s a vulnerable piece of your heart.'”

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