Olivia Rodrigo Said Her Mom’s Favorite Music Is Death Metal And Punk

Olivia Rodrigo has plenty of punk-rock and ferocity in her pop songs, and that might be due to hearing some unexpected music growing up. The teen prodigy appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week to talk all things Sour, and what she’s been up to during a pretty hectic year. After letting fans know about the bizarre gift that President Biden gave her when she visited the White House, she also filled everyone in on some Rodrigo family knowledge. When Kimmel asked Olivia about whether her mother is concerned when she includes curse words in her songs, the world got a funny bit of information about Mrs. Rodrigo. Apparently, she loves listening to death metal and punk, which suddenly makes Olivia’s cursing seem far more restrained.

“My mom’s actually really funny though, my mom is like a third grade teacher from the midwest,” Olivia begins, “And she’s very sweet, but her favorite music is like death metal and punk music. She’s the sweetest woman, and she’ll turn on like Motorhead. She has some edge to her. I remember being really young and she’d wake me up and she’d put a record on, and she’d put on a Motorhead record to like wake me up.”

So don’t be surprised if we get an “Ace Of Spades” cover from Olivia on LP number two. Watch the whole interview with Kimmel above.