Olivia Rodrigo Had The Best Response To Courtney Love’s Plagiarism Accusations

Now that she’s a certified pop star, Olivia Rodrigo is getting used to being famous. That includes having people tell her they have sex to her break-up songs and, like many other artists, having accusations of plagiarism being hurled her. Courtney Love recently went on a rant about the similarities between a promotional photo for Rodrigo’s Sour prom concert film and Hole’s Live Through This album. Rodrigo has stayed level-headed about the whole ordeal and now has the best response.

Love first called attention to her frustrations in a since-deleted Instagram post. She shared Rodrigo’s photo and tagged her with the caption, “Spot the difference! #twinning!”

Rodrigo thought it was a genuine compliment and commented under Love’s post to express her admiration for the singer. But Love’s words were clearly sarcastic as the 57-year-old musician replied saying she expected to be sent flowers. Love later went off on Facebook, writing, “Stealing an original idea and not asking permission is rude.”

It’s not clear if Rodrigo ever ended up sending Love a bouquet, but she’s now addressed the internet drama in a recent profile by GQ. When asked about it, Rodrigo delivered an extremely mature response. “To be honest, I’m just flattered that Courtney Love knows that I exist,” she said.

Read Rodrigo’s full GQ profile here.