Olivia Rodrigo Won’t Respond To Sabrina Carpenter’s Alleged Diss Song: ‘I Actually Don’t Know Her At All’

Much has been made about the drama between Olivia Rodrigo and Sabrina Carpenter. The truncated version of the story: Rodrigo allegedly wrote her No. 1 hit “Drivers License” about Carpenter, then Carpenter released “Skin,” which was widely interpreted to be a response to Rodrigo. Now it would seem that Rodrigo isn’t interested in firing back and continuing this “feud.”

In an interview with Radio.com, Rodrigo was asked if she would offer a response to the song and she replied, “I actually don’t know her at all, I think we met once or twice in passing, but I’ve never had a conversation with her so I don’t think I could write a song that was meaningful or emotional about somebody that I don’t know. I think artists should be able to write about whatever they want to write about.”

Carpenter previously denied that “Skin” was about Rodrigo, writing on Instagram, “I wasn’t bothered by a few lines in a (magnificent) song and wrote a diss track about it. I was at a tipping point in my life for countless reasons. so I was inspired to do what I usually do to cope, write something that I wish I could have told myself in the past. […] I don’t want this to become an endless cycle so please don’t take this as an opportunity to send more hate anyone’s way.”

Find the full Radio.com interview here.