Olivia Rodrigo Makes Her Pick For The Song She Wishes She Had Written And It’s An Emotional One

The past few months have been huge for Olivia Rodrigo, what with her meteoric ascent thanks to her singles “Drivers License” and “Deja Vu.” She has quickly racked up appropriate recognition, as she has captured the attention of Taylor Swift and Saturday Night Live‘s producers. Rodrigo has also earned the favor of MTV: Yesterday, the network revealed that they have selected Rodrigo as their MTV Push artist of the month. As part of that, they shared performance videos of her two singles, as well as some interview clips.

In one segment, Rodrigo is asked to make a bunch of picks for go-to songs in specific situations. For the song she wishes she had written, she went with Kesha’s 2017 single “Praying,” saying, “That song is so powerful, I absolutely cannot listen to it without having a little frog in my throat and tearing up. It’s fantastic.” When it came time to pick her preferred karaoke song, she opted for the One Direction modern classic “What Makes You Beautiful.” Rodrigo said, “I will swear by this song always.” She added with a laugh, “If you’re ever on the aux with your friends, you have to play ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ if you want to be popular and liked. That’s the trick.”

Kesha was flattered by Rodrigo’s selection, as she responded on Twitter, “your voice is so beautiful thank you so much.”

Check out the video above.