Paul Rudd Struggles With Charli XCX’s Name In A New ‘Saturday Night Live’ Promo

Last weekend saw Billie Eilish pull double duty as host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live. On the next episode, though, the show will return to its more common format of having a separate host and musician. Filling those roles this weekend are Paul Rudd and Charli XCX, who participated in the tradition of filming simple promo videos for the show. In one of them, Rudd plays off of Charli’s stage name, which he had a hard time pronouncing.

Rudd started, “Hi, I’m Paul Rudd and I’m hosting SNL with Charli…” He then trailed off as he tried to pronounce “XCX” by reading it like a word, apprehensively letting out some “x” and “c” sounds before Charli clarified by saying the individual letters, “X-C-X.” A still-confused Rudd gave an “oh” of slight realization before SNL‘s Ego Nwodim chimed in, “I got it: ‘XCX.'” Rudd concluded the bit by asking, “Is that Roman,” in reference to the letters looking like a Roman numeral.

This weekend will mark Rudd’s fifth time on the show, prompting a joke in another promo clip that he joined the “Five-Timer’s Club,” for him meaning his fifth arrest. As for Charli, this is her second time appearing on the program and her first in a while, as she was previously on the show in 2014.

Check out the SNL promos above.

Charli XCX is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.