PETA Names Lenny Kravitz And Anitta As The Most Beautiful Vegan Celebrities Of 2022

To be crowned as the Most Beautiful Vegan Celebrity by PETA, you have to be nothing short of an exemplary vegan. Merely being a vegetarian will pretty much eliminate you from contention of this high honor (just ask Drake.) Today, Lenny Kravitz and Anitta were bestowed with PETA’s Most Beautiful Vegan Celebrities of 2022 award, which Billboard reports the criteria as, “Saves the lives of nearly 200 animals a year; reduces their risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer; and dramatically shrinks their carbon footprint.”

Kravitz, who grows his own vegetables at his home in the Bahamas, is primarily a raw vegan. For Anitta, simply being a Brazilian vegan should be enough to qualify her. Eating meat is a way of life in Brazil and your family will not understand your choice the first time you explain it to them (my cousin went vegan and our Brazilian family was in an uproar.) But Anitta is the spokesperson for Future Farm, a Brazilian company that works with primarily non-GMO pea and soybean protein (Brazil is the largest soybean exporter in the world by the way. See, you learned something!)

“With more than 65 million followers between them, Kravitz and Anitta are global superstars who are inspiring millions of people to go their way and let love rule by keeping animals off their plates,” PETA’s senior VP Lisa Lange told Billboard in a statement. “PETA’s Most Beautiful Vegans of 2022 are showing the world what it means to thrive on planet-protecting, plant-powered meals.”

So there it is. Lenny Kravitz and Anitta are PETA’s 2022 Most Beautiful Vegan Celebrities.