PinkPantheress Dances The Pain Away On Her New Single, ‘Boy’s A Liar’

On her latest single, “Boy’s A Liar,” PinkPantheress details the downfall of a relationship with a man who wasn’t who he presented himself to be. Over a thumping Mura Musa beat, the elusive siren taps delivers her soft-tinged vocals, as she mourns the man who she thought was her everything.

“What’s the point of crying? / It was never even love / Did you ever want me? / Was I ever good enough? / Thе boy’s a liar / The boy’s a player / He doesn’t see ya,” she sings on the song’s chorus.

With its painfully relatable message and its all too hypnotic electronic track, “Boy’s A Liar” makes for a perfect anthem for the heartbroken to dance the pain away.

PinkPantheress blew up throughout the pandemic by way of catchy, genre-transcending bops. Back in October, she joined Paramore onstage at Austin City Limits to perform the band’s breakthrough song, “Misery Business.” In a recent conversation with Bree Runway for Interview, PinkPantheress spoke about how she’s adjusting to her rapidly found fame.

“It’s very exciting knowing that people are listening, people care, people are actually interested,” she said. “When I came into it, not to be cringe, but I did it for the music. I wasn’t trying to have myself out there like that. But when things started picking up, it became uncontrollable. If anything, all of it has been one big learning experience. I’ve grown up more in one year than I have the last ten years.”

Check out “Boy’s A Liar” above.

PinkPantheress is a Warner Music artist. .