PinkPantheress Asks ‘Do You Miss Me?’ On Her Groovy New Single

On her newest single, “Do You Miss Me?” PinkPantheress enjoys time with a lover. As her infatuation grows, she finds herself approaching obsessive territory.

In the first verse of the single, which features hypnotic, dance-ready percussion by Kaytranada, PinkPantheress sings, “I can’t let go of your hand / I can’t even breathe without you / I don’t think you understand  / I love to watch you as you speak / And you say the words ‘I love you’ / Tell me, when you fall asleep.”

Back in October, Paramore brought out PinkPantheress to perform the band’s iconic song, “Misery Business” at Austin City Limits. Paramore is one of PinkPantheress’ all-time favorite bands, and in an interview with Alternative Press, PinkPantheress recalled seeing them perform live and coming to the realization that she, herself, wanted to be a musician.

“I’ll never forget the thought I had: ‘She’s having so much fun, and she’s getting paid.’ Money is never a factor,” she said, “but I realized you can really make a living off of this. It’s more than just dancing and being onstage, obviously, but it just looked so appealing to me right then. I was like, ‘In any imaginary world where I can do this, this is what I want.'”

Check out “Do You Miss Me?” above.

PinkPantheress and Paramore are Warner Music artists. .