Porter Robinson Returns With His First New Music In Six Years

In 2014, Porter Robinson’s debut album Worlds rose all the way to the No. 1 slot on the Billboard dance charts — not too shabby for a twenty-something producer just beginning his career in the industry. Over the next few years, Robinson dabbled in a side project, Virtual Self, releasing a self-titled EP in 2017, and was nominated for Grammy for the song, “Ghost Voices” under that alias at in 2019.

Now, Robinson is gearing up to release music under his own name and primary project again, dropping the first new single today, entitled “Get Your Wish,” a wistful, three-minute-plus return that features him singing. “‘Get Your Wish’ is a song about finding a reason to keep going, even if it’s not for your own sake,” Robinson wrote of the song on YouTube. It is the first single off his forthcoming album, Nurture, which has been announced but doesn’t have an official release date yet.

Though Porter often produces the music and works with another artist as a vocalist, for “Get Your Wish” he’s also handling vocals. Pitch and modulation give the vocals a feathery, feminine sound, and the lyrics are layered between strings, synths, and plenty of percussion. If he sings elsewhere on the album, it will be fascinating to hear if the voice is always produced in this tonality.

Listen to the song above and keep an eye out for plenty more new music from Porter this year.