Katy Perry Loved This Video Juxtaposing Her Song ‘Roar’ On Quarantined Singing Crowds

As the effects of the Coronavirus are felt across the globe, there are obviously a lot of different reactions. And while it’s totally normal and ok to feel sad, scared, upset, and our hearts go out to anyone who is struggling with the illness itself, there is something to be said for the resilience and strength that many people are showing as we all cope with the massive scale of the this new pandemic.

In Italy, where the disease spread rapidly and got completely out of control due to the speed and scale of contagion, the country is now on a self-imposed quarantine, with everyone locked down in their own homes to prevent further spread. But that doesn’t mean that people aren’t still interacting with each other, or finding ways to connect that don’t require physically being in the same room. In a video that started going viral on Twitter, countless Italian people are portrayed gathered on their balconies to sing along to the uplifting Katy Perry song, “Roar” while they cope with isolation:

Katy herself saw the video on Twitter and commented: “You cannot break the human spirit. We are one in this.” Like most things online, especially during turbulent times, it’s best to take a clip like this with a grain of salt — it might be tweaked by superfans. Either way, it’s a good reminder of how music brings us together. Of course, Katy recently announced that she’s pregnant and will be starting a family of her own soon, so surely this is resonating with her in a renewed way. In the meantime, keep blasting whatever kind of music makes you feel sane, stay inside, wash your hands, and be kind. If you have any extra resources, maybe buy merch or vinyl from some independent artists, too.