Rebel Wilson Worked A Big Britney Spears Dancing Fall Into Her Movie ‘Senior Year’

Tomorrow (May 13), Senior Year, a new Rebel Wilson-starring movie, premieres on Netflix. The premise of the film is this: In 2002, Wilson’s character is a high school cheerleader who falls into a coma. 2o years later, she wakes up, determined to finish high school at 37 years old. Naturally, the film will take plenty of cues from the early ’00s, including one of the era’s biggest cultural icons: Britney Spears. On a recent Late Late Show interview, Wilson spoke about a flubbed scene that actually made it into the movie, where Wilson falls trying to do the choreography from Spears’ “(You Drive Me) Crazy” video.

Wilson said:

“I love Britney and I just wanted to pay homage to her because 20 years earlier in the film, in 2002, she was like the biggest star in the world. So we did the ‘Crazy’ video. […] When I’m dancing, I just really like to give it, just give my all to it. And then what happens is that I fall over, and so in the Britney thing, they actually keep the take where I’m dancing and just loving it and doing all the things and then I fall forward out of frame. But then I’m like, ‘The show must go on,’ so I just like [pops back up] and then I get into it.”

While Spears herself isn’t in the movie, there is one music star involved, as Steve Aoki makes an appearance as himself.

Check out the interview above. Also, compare Spears’ original “(You Drive Me) Crazy” video to the Senior Year clip below.