If Rihanna And ASAP Rocky Are Really Dating, Fans Think Their Kids Would Be Literally Perfect

Yesterday the news broke that after months of rumors – and plenty of fans shipping them since that flirty “Fashion Killa” video back in 2013 — ASAP Rocky and Rihanna are reportedly dating. At least, according to Page Six and People, who tend to know when these rumors are actually true.

RiRi officially split from billionaire boyfriend Hassan Jameel at the beginning of this year, and when Rocky appeared in her Fenty Skin campaign back in July, it might’ve been more than just a business deal. While Rihanna has been busy building her Fenty makeup and skincare empire of late, along with high-fashion collaborations and a lingerie line, neither her nor Rocky have released any new music in several years, her since Anti in 2016, and Rocky since Testing in 2018. But when fans heard the news of the fledgling couple, their minds didn’t go to music, but to babies.

Considering these two could both easily land on a list of the most beautiful people in the world, people couldn’t help but comment that their children would be equally gorgeous:

Personally, I’ll take a follow-up record from Rihanna before she starts in on family planning. Then again, knowing her, she’d probably be able to handle both at once. Let’s wait and see if an official confirmation of their relationship comes before planning any babies, ok? Remember what happened to Drake when he thought it was official?