Robyn Plans On Hitting The Studio To Record New Music This Summer

Robyn continues to expand her decades-spanning career in pop music. Following her 2018 record Honey, Robyn plans on offering its successor soon. The singer revealed she hopes to spend some serious time in the studio this summer.

Robyn was recently awarded the Songwriter of the Decade trophy at the NME Awards ceremony. Following her win, the singer stopped by the red carpet for a post-interview. In the interview, Robyn disclosed details about new music to fans. The singer said she plans on re-working some of the tracks that didn’t make it to the final Honey tracklist. “There are leftovers,” Robyn told NME. “Some of them I’m going to record this summer, I hope. Usually, I finish songs. If I start them, I finish them. The last album took eight years. I hope it won’t take that long next time.”

Robyn continued that inspiration is what keeps her creative drive going. “What keeps me doing it is that I love the feeling of being inspired. If you’re not inspired, you don’t write good songs.”

Earlier in the night, Robyn gave a shout-out to other artists who were up for the Songwriter of the Decade NME award. “There are so many good songs written by so many good songwriters over this decade,” Robyn said during her acceptance speech. “Some of them I have had the privilege to work with. Two of them are here tonight and I love them both so much. There are lots of other really talented songwriters here tonight – Christine and Charli, Taylor Swift.”