Rosalía Explores And Embraces Japan In Her New Video For ‘Tuya’

Rosalía is happy and in love — not only with her beau Rauw Alejandro, but with Japan. Her newest song, “Tuya” takes inspiration from Japanese culture.

On “Tuya,” Rosalía sings of steamy, intimate moments with someone special, shutting out the world around them..

“Solo esta noche soy tuya, tuya / Solo esta noche eres mío, mío / Tú me quieres ver desnuda, uh-ah / Yo a ti debajo de mi ombligo,” she sings on the song’s chorus, which means, “Tonight I’m yours / Tonight you’re mine / You want to see me naked / I’ll bring you under my navel.”

The song’s instrumental utilizes the reggaeton drums Rosalía loves, but also incorporates strings from the koto, the national instrument of Japan.

“Exploring is part of who I am as a musician and in the case of ‘Tuya,’ inspirations such as reggaeton, Japanese instruments, flamenco, and gabber techno coexist at the same level,” said Rosalía in a statement.

In the song’s accompanying video, Rosalía is seen in Japan, which is one of her favorite places to travel. She enjoys lunch in a noodle shop, a relaxing day at a spa, and spends time wandering the streets of Japan with an adorable dog at her side.

You can see the video for “Tuya” above.