Rosalía Declares ‘Women Are Sacred’ In Response To Her Fake Nude Photo Scandal

After lambasting the artist who used fake nude photos of her for clout, Rosalía detailed her position on bodily autonomy in a follow-up tweet that called out not just one man, but the entire society that encouraged his behavior.

“El cuerpo d una mujer n es propiedad pública, no es una mercancía xa tu estrategia d marketing,” she wrote. “Esas fotos estaban editadas y creaste una falsa narrativa alrededor cuando ni t conozco. Existe algo llamado consentimiento y todos a los q os pareció gracioso o plausible espero de.” Translated, that means, “The body of a woman is not public property, it is not merchandise for your marketing strategy. Those photos were edited and you created a false narrative around when I don’t even know you. There is something called consent and all of you who found it funny or plausible I sincerely hope that one day you learn that you come from a woman, that women are sacred and that we have to be respected bye.”

The Spanish singer had previously called out an underground Spanish rapper named JC Reyes after he posted photoshopped pictures of her on his Instagram. While she was clothed in the original photos, the ones Reyes posted added another woman’s naked breasts to her chest to make it appear as though she’d taken the photos topless — and gone up several cup sizes in the process. Reyes was further dragged on Twitter by fans who found his actions every bit as “disgusting” as Rosalía herself did.

Despite performing for the first time at Coachella and winning awards for producing this year, it’s a shame that the Spanish star has to put up with such shenanigans. Hopefully, at some point, women can be free from this sort of thing.