Sam Smith And Kim Petras’ Grammy Performance Reportedly Prompted Several Complaints To The FCC

The internet is still abuzz over Sam Smith and Kim Petras‘ performance of their hit single, “Unholy.” While fans lauded the performance, several viewers deemed it “satanic” and “sacrilegious.”

According to reports from TMZ, filed complaints against CBS and the Federal Communications Commission.

Some viewers took offense to the outwardly sexual imagery, while others felt the performance glorified devil worship.

In one of the obtained complaints, a viewer from Blufton, South Carolina called the “Unholy” performance “outright porn.”

“I’m sure there is a reasonable number of rules governing this type of behavior,” read the complaint. “This is not equity and inclusion this is outright disgusting and should be shown to underage kids on regular TV. I expect the FCC two to find CBS for this type of behavior to reset the standard for family-friendly TV programming.”

Another viewer from Austin, Texas took issue with the “pentagrams and Satanism portrayed.”

“This should not be acceptable for the greater public to see unless there are exclusive warnings about the damage it can do,” read the complaint.

A viewer from Allen, Texas was so offended by the performance that they have decided to cancel their television service outright.

In an interview captured by Variety that took place after the performance, Petras shared that the “Unholy” performance was inspired by not feeling accepted by religion.

“I think a lot of people, honestly, have kind of labeled what I stand for and what Sam stands for as religiously not cool,” said Petras, “and I personally grew up wondering about religion and wanting to be a part of it but slowly realizing it didn’t want me to be a part of it. So it’s a take on not being able to choose religion. And not being able to live the way that people might want you to live, because as a trans person I’m already not kind of wanted in religion.”