Fans Of Ariana Grande And Demi Lovato Have Mixed Feelings About Drama Between Scooter Braun And Taylor Swift

In case you missed today’s bad news, Scooter Braun has sold Taylor Swift’s masters — once again, not to her. This is bad news because an artist should have the right to own their own music, especially when they have the necessary fortune to buy it back. Taylor alleges that before she even had a chance to bid on her work, Braun hit her with the kind of NDA that silences women forever, one that Taylor’s legal team described as reminiscent of sexual assault accusers hush money cases. Overreaction much?

Anyway, as we all know Taylor, she would clearly never sign something like that, and a company called Shamrock Holdings, which is affiliated with Disney, now owns Taylor’s work. It sucks for Taylor and her fans, but the situation also sucks for fans of Scooter’s other pop star clients, namely Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato. These fans have to figure out where they stand given Scooter’s behavior. Some are reacting by not wanting to listen to Demi or Ari’s music since they’re staying silent about the situation:

Others wonder if Scooter would abuse his power like this with Taylor, why not with those he has even more control over? Or if those artists have already signed an NDA that prevents them from speaking out:

There’s plenty of gray here, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but the most important thing to remember is there’s zero reason to pit Ariana and Taylor against each other for a man’s behavior. His connection to Ariana aside, she doesn’t have to be held accountable for his actions, and her and Taylor have never had bad blood, remember?

If fans are disappointed Ariana and Demi aren’t speaking out, that makes sense too, but boycotting their music is probably not the way to help Taylor here. Now, we wait and see what else happens in this saga.