Selena Gomez Drops An Unreleased ‘Lose You To Love Me’ Demo On The Song’s One-Year Anniversary

Selena Gomez has had a busy year thus far, despite life largely spent in quarantine. Not only did the singer release her comeback record Rare in January, but she launched her own beauty brand, was recognized for her work at the 2020 Hispanic Heritage Awards, and started her own cooking show on HBO. Now, Gomez is reflection on one year of “Lose You To Love Me” by appeasing fans with a demo version of the No. 1 single.

As promised with a demo version, Gomez’s new “Lose You To Love Me” single features all of the emotion behind the studio track, just without the room-filling production. The singer still manages to convey heartbreak through emotive piano keys and her soaring vocal range, singing of finding her true self after leaving a particularly tumultuous relationship with Justin Bieber.

Ahead of the demo’s release, Gomez opened up about what “killed” her during the song’s recording process. Speaking to the Song Exploder podcast last week, Gomez said the song’s bridge was the most poignant part of the track for her: “This song alone represents what a lot of people who are heartbroken have gone through. One of the hardest parts for me to sing in the song was the bridge. It’s the ending of the song, and that’s the part where it’s like, ‘You know, I guess this is goodbye forever for us.’ And that killed me.”

Listen to Gomez’s “Lose You To Love Me (Demo Version)” above.

Rare is out now via Interscope. Get it here.

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