Selena Gomez Praised Blackpink’s Work Ethic, Says ‘There Isn’t Anything That They Wouldn’t Strive To Do’

After leaving fans to wade knee-deep in excitement for a few weeks, Blackpink shared their highly-anticipated “Ice Cream” single with Selena Gomez last month. Paired with a visual that brought fans to a fictional Candyland, the single landed smoothly while meeting the expectations of both Gomez and Blackpink’s expectations.

After debuting a new ice cream flavor celebrating their new single, Selena Gomez used a recent makeup session with YouTube star NikkieTutorials (Nikkie de Jager) to praise the K-pop group for their work ethic.

Blackpink first came up in Gomez’s and NikkieTutorials’ conversation when the YouTube star asked her what advice she’d give Blackpink, to which Gomez replied, “I think I would learn a lot more from them.”

Their work ethic is something I’ve never seen before, and I’d like to say I work hard. What I’ve found when I’ve spoken to them and met them is that they’re extremely disciplined and they are so talented that there isn’t anything that they wouldn’t strive to do. They were wonderful and I miss them

As it was a beauty vlog she was appearing on, Gomez also touched on her Rare Beauty makeup line and explained why she wanted to create it.

You can see a lot of people get affected and feel pressure to look a certain way. I immediately was like, “I want to do this, as long as I can make this something people feel comfortable in and something that’s easy but special.” I don’t want to be a competitor or a celebrity attached to something. I want my makeup to stand on its own. I think it’s a really good product, and I think what we’re doing with mental health and what we want this brand to be is truly my mission.

Check out Gomez’s conversation with NikkieTutorials above.