Slayyyter Returns With ‘Over This,’ A New Pop-Punk Single Off The Forthcoming ‘Troubled Paradise’

Slayyter, aka Catherine Slater, has slowly but steadily blaring her way into the internet star role with a rolodex of dark and glitchy, hyper-pop, and today’s latest single builds on her past work while taking it as close to punk-rock as pop can get. “Over This” is a classic kiss-off track that goes after an ex with zero remorse, letting a regretful lover from her past know that she’s not ready to get back into it. In fact, she’s over it… who saw that coming? With massive guitar riffs to prove her point, I’m getting major Avril vibes off this song.

Slayyyter announced her official debut album, Troubled Paradise back in January, and has been giving fans a taste of the sometimes bubblegum, sometimes frenetic direction she’s heading in over the last few months. Earlier this year, another early single “Clouds” veered into 2000s bubblegum nostalgia with a dreamy chorus. Then, last month she dipped her toes into a country-flecked track with the campy “Cowboy,” a song that has about as much to do with country music as “Old Town Road.”

Following up 2019’s self-titled tape, it’s obvious the growth Slater has undergone over the past two years, look for the full record coming out June 11 and hear her latest single above.