‘Sour’ Has Fans Noticing A Lot Of Parallels Between Olivia Rodrigo And Taylor Swift

Olivia Rodrigo’s hotly anticipated debut album Sour is out now, and during the lead-up to it, much was made about the relationship between Rodrigo and Taylor Swift. Like many, Rodrigo is a fervent Swift admirer and she’s been fortunate enough to forge a friendship with the pop legend. Now that Sour has been released, fans are drawing even more parallels between Rodrigo and Swift.

First, let’s get the obvious connections out of the way, ones that were made before the album was released. For one, Rodrigo previously told Rolling Stone that the bridge of “Deja Vu” was inspired by that of Swift’s “Cruel Summer.” It was also revealed this week that Rodrigo’s “1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back” is an interpolation of Swift’s “New Year’s Day” and Swift has a writing credit on the song (along with Jack Antonoff). Some fans have speculated the reason Rodrigo opted to not sample the song directly is because Swift does not own the rights to the original recording, so Scooter Braun and Swift’s former label Big Machine (and not Swift) would be the ones to profit from a sample.

Now that Sour is released, fans have noticed that Rodrigo’s “Happier” and Swift’s Evermore cut “Happiness” are both perhaps the saddest songs from their respective albums despite their upbeat titles.

There are also fans who just see similarities between the two in a more general sense, with one describing Rodrigo as “the second coming of” Swift.

It has also been reported that following the release of Sour, Rodrigo became the top-selling artist across digital platforms around the world. The artist who was No. 1 until Rodrigo took over? Swift, of course.

Check out some other stray observations about Rodrigo and Swift below.

Sour is out now via Geffen Records. Get it here.