Stephen Colbert Fooled Lorde With One Of The Most Classic Pranks

Stephen Colbert has had New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on his show a number of times now, and recently, he finally accepted her invitation to visit the country. Now he is starting to share segments he filmed in New Zealand, and the one from last night featured a brief cameo from New Zealand’s own Lorde.

The 12-minute segment began with Ardern picking Colbert up from the airport (as she previously promised she would), and taking him to her house for a sit-down interview. The two chatted about things like Ardern’s failed audition for Lord Of The Rings, Colbert possibly officiating Ardern’s upcoming wedding, and New Zealand’s gun laws.

Throughout the conversation, Colbert tried to get Ardern to open a prank can of peanut brittle that would have sent coiled fake snakes shooting out of it. Ardern didn’t bite on the classic gag, but Colbert had one more chance to get somebody with it. After the interview, Colbert joined Ardern, her fiance, and Lorde for a backyard barbecue, and Colbert offered Lorde the can. She was seemingly confused by the gesture, but accepted it regardless, and she was quite startled when she opened the can.

Watch Lorde fall victim to Colbert’s prank above.