Taylor Swift Reveals All The Easter Eggs Hidden In Her ‘Cardigan’ Video

Taylor Swift previously noted of her new album Folklore, “One thing I did purposely on this album was put the Easter eggs in the lyrics, more than just the videos.” Don’t look past the videos, though, because there are Easter eggs in there, too: Today, Swift has shared a video that breaks down the Easter Eggs hidden in her “Cardigan” visual.

The clip comes as part of Vevo’s “Footnotes” series, which shows the original video framed by text that constantly updates with information about the artist, song, and video. These notes offer some interesting trivia, like how a photo of Swift’s grandfather makes an appearance, how there’s a hidden “13” (Swift’s favorite number) in the video, and how Swift included a painting she made during the first week of quarantine in the clip.

It also breaks down the meaning of scenes, like how the forest parts represent optimism and growth while the ocean scene is more about fear and helplessness. The clip also notes some of the COVID-19-related precautions that were taking while making the video, including special camera equipment, Taylor and the video’s editor working together separately from each other to edit the video in real time, and how the piano keys were cleaned with UV lights and wipes between every take.

Watch the video above and revisit our Folklore review here.