Taylor Swift May Have Invented A Fake Band To Get Back At Scooter Braun And Big Machine

A new episode of Killing Eve aired last night, and Taylor Swift fans were certainly delighted to hear “Look What You Made Me Do” during the episode. It wasn’t Swift’s original version of the song, though. Instead, the track was performed by a band called Jack Leopards And The Dolphin Club. That group isn’t exactly a household name, and Swift’s fans think something is going on here.

Swift shared a snippet of the song, about which she is “VERY STOKED,” and fans think that Swift was actually involved in the recording. This cover is the first and only known song by Jack Leopards And The Dolphin Club, and fans believe the vocals are sung by Swift’s brother Austin; He once named his Twitter account “The Dolphin Club.” Additionally, the song’s credited producers are Nils Sjöberg, Swift’s songwriting alias, and Swift collaborator Jack Antonoff.

The supposed reason for all this trouble is so Swift’s former label Big Machine, which owns the rights to the song, won’t receive any royalties from it, since Swift isn’t officially involved.

Swift, of course, hasn’t confirmed any of this, but she is known for leaving easter eggs for her fans to fan. The Nils Sjöberg credit is all some fans needed to be convinced that Swift is behind Jack Leopards And The Dolphin Club.

Listen to the Jack Leopards And The Dolphin Club rendition of “Look What You Made Me Do” above.