One Taylor Swift Fan Explained The Difference Between ‘Folklore’ And ‘Evermore’ — And Taylor Agrees

The Swifties are simply cut from a different cloth. Yes, plenty of fan bases are incredibly active online and obsessive over their favorite artists, but Taylor Swift acolytes are constantly co-creating their meaning around her music. And because she’s blessed with such a fervent fan base, Taylor tends to step in from time to time, too, to let them know she sees their creativity and appreciates it. Well, that’s exactly what happened with one Swiftie, @izzy_1989, took it open themselves to draw up a comparison between Taylor’s two most recent new albums, Folklore and Evermore.

Folklore is white wine and evermore is red wine,” Izzy wrote. “No i cannot explain. i will be taking no further questions at this time, your honor.” Stylized a bit to fit into a sort of joke format Twitter likes to use, the comparison does really seem to hold up when you think about the albums: Foklore came out in the summer, it’s a little more fresh and sad, sometimes sweet and a bit lighter. Evermore, on the other hand, was a winter release, it’s a lot more country and overall a richer album in some ways, darker and more complex. The comparison is very accurate!


And according to her most recent favs on Twitter, Taylor happens to agree! She liked the tweet, making it her first fav since August! And of course it went pretty viral after she gave her co-sign. Now, to pour a nice glass of red wine and play some Evermore.