Taylor Swift Shared Just One Big Detail About Her ‘Highly Confidential’ Grammys Performance

The Grammys are coming up this weekend, and aside from awards being handed out, the other major component of the show is the performances. Taylor Swift is among the artists participating on that front, and while she is remaining mostly tight-lipped about her upcoming performance, she did share one detail about it.

In a teaser video, Swift said, “The one thing I can tell you about my Grammy performance that isn’t highly confidential is that my Grammy performance includes my collaborators Aaron Dessner and Jack Antonoff, which is really exciting, because this has been an adventure that the three of us have gone on since the very beginning of quarantine and lockdown. And, you know, we’ve only gotten to be together in the same room once. And so, this is really awesome to get to be together with them again. We’re quarantining in the same house for the whole week, we’re tested every day, so it’s just really exciting, honestly, to play music with your collaborators. That’s something that I will never, ever take for granted again.”

Swift has a number of nominations this year, including a pair of them in the major categories: Folklore is up for Album Of The Year and “Cardigan” is up for Song Of The Year.