Taylor Swift’s Collaboration With Haim, ‘No Body, No Crime,’ Is A Full-On Country Murder Ballad

Earlier today, Taylor Swift once again shocked the world by announcing she had yet another surprise album, Evermore, coming before the end of 2020. Released tonight, very near to what will be Taylor’s 31st birthday, December 13, she explained that the decision to release yet another new album is related to her obsession with the number 13. And even if she’s been dropping little hints about what’s to come on Evermore, a timeless Swift past time, nothing, and I mean nothing, could’ve prepared fans for the glory that is her long-awaited collaboration with Haim, “No Body, No Crime.”

If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting for Taylor to pay homage to The Chicks’ (formerly known as the Dixie Chicks) classic murder ballad “Goodbye Earl” for years. And now she’s finally done it. With lyrics that fictionally namecheck Este (Haim), and worry over potential infidelity, the lyrics wind through Este’s death and the suspicious behavior of her ex in the wake of her passing! Well, if you know the kind of loyal friend a Sagittarius is, then the next events won’t be surprising. I won’t spoil the ending, but please listen immediately and rejoice that Evermore has at least one straight-up country song. This bodes well for more to come in the future.

Listen to “No Body, No Crime” above.