Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ Has Generated The Most First-Week Sales Of 2019 In Just One Day

Republic Records

Taylor Swift‘s highly-anticipated album Lover debuted Friday in the form of four separate mixtapes. Taylor rolled out a clever release campaign before the album’s release and even partnered with Amazon to advertise Lover on boxes. The hard work paid off for the pop star, as Lover grossed the highest first-week sales of 2019 in just one day.

Taylor Swift’s Lover grossed a whopping $2 million on its release day alone. The huge sales broke the 2019 record for most first-week sales in just 24 hours. The high sales could be attributed to Taylor’s “Swfities,” her die-hard fanbase. But Taylor made many moves to keep people excited for the album’s release. Starting in February, Taylor began leaving “Easter eggs,” or clues, for her fans to piece together about the album. The singer implored fans to guess about the album’s title by announcing the name was somewhere in her “ME!” music video.

She also hosted a series of listening parties where she invited superfans to her home. The fans ate homemade cookies, chatted with Taylor, got a first-hand listen to Lover and, most importantly, hyped the album up to their many social media followers. If one thing is clear about Taylor’s impressive $2 million in sales, it’s that she’s as good of a businesswoman as she is a pop icon, as she continues to prove her permanence.